Trenching, Drainages, Pipes

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  • allcons Bucket-wheel Trencher / Series TW
    for digging trenches up to 3.5m depth and 1.5m width at a high production rate.
  • allcons Track Trencher / Series TT
    for digging trenches up to 25m depth and 1.25m width even in rocky soil.
  • allcons Drainage Machines / Series TD
    for trenching and placing drainage pipes, geotextile or cable in up to 4m depth with optional backfiller.



  • Bucket-wheel Trenchers are the best choice for digging wide trenches and removing large amounts of soil at a high production rate
  • Track Trenchers with a digging chain are used for very hard and rocky soil, or for cutting deep and narrow trenches. Depending on the ground, the digging chain is equipped with exchangeable chisels, teeth or cutting blades.
  • For soft soils with a low load-bearing capacity a special lightweight version is available
  • Automatic levelling of the bucket-wheel or digging chain assembly
  • The working speed of the machine is controlled automatically, depending on the digging tool strain



  • Height and direction control can be controlled automatically by laser or string line equipment, or manually via sighting rods
  • Belt conveyor system for filling trucks
  • Laterally shiftable boom for digging close to buildings, walls or other obstacles
  • Drainage pipe, geotextile or cable feeder with optional backfiller
  • Driver’s cabin with heating and/or air conditioning system 

Specifications of related Machines

  • Series TD

    Trencher with drainage laying equipment