Rehabilitation & Sealing of Surfaces

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Machines and Accessories for being roped up to an allcons Winch (see page before):

  • allcons Working Bridge / Series BC1000
    a working platform for working on slopes, available in different sizes and supplementary equipment
  • allcons Mastic Distribution Vehicle / Series VM.dwn and VM.up
    designed to distribute mastic for sealing the surface of a dam, canal or artificial water reservoir, provided with insulated tank, heated outlet and hydraulic steering
  • allcons Milling Material Removal Vehicle / Series VR
    a solution to remove milled material as quickly as possible out of the slope, provided for horizontal and vertical/transversal milling direction
  • allcons Joint Heater / Series VH
    electrical infrared heater, to re-plasticize the previously laid asphalt mat’s edge for reliable joint and seam connection and perfect asphalt sealing, the power supply is provided by a motor driven cable reeling drum mounted on the allcons Service Carriage with Winch / Series WS

Needed machine or accessory not found? - No problem!

With our extensive experience in special constructions, we plan, develop and produce individually, according to your requirements.

Machines for basic applications can be built from the  others. We are the specialists for higher, deeper, faster, more powerful, more special!


Specifications of related Machines