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Who we are

The company allcons Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1974 in Heidelberg and has decades of experience in special machine construction, particularly in the sector of canal and embankment dam construction.

For the construction of small farm irrigation canals, bigger main feeder canals, and navigable canals, you have certainly arrived at the right place! We are experts in Bucket-wheel and Bucket-chain Excavators, Slope Concrete and Asphalt Liners, and finishing and curing equipment. In our product portfolio we have several Winch Carriages and mobile Gantry Winches for the finishing and repair of canal embankments of several hundred meters slope length, by using off-the-shelf road-building machines and working platforms. Furthermore, we are very proud of some really special machines, for example, our Parabolic Curve Paver for asphalting high speed race and test tracks, Drainage machines, Trenchers for cable and pipeline installation, Milling Mixing Injection machines for soil stabilization and for slurry wall building, and machines for dike construction and rehabilitation.

In addition to some standard machines, our construction machines are planned, developed and produced individually, according to the requirements of the customer. We are able to construct machines for excavation, concreting, asphalting, trenching and milling.

Machines for basic applications can be built from the others. We are the specialists for higher, deeper, faster, more powerful, more special!

With our experience, your ideas can become reality! To keep the economics in view, it is also possible to rebuild existing machines according to the requirements of your upcoming project. To meet our high demands regarding quality, reliability and availability, our machines are engineered and produced in Germany.

During the first use of our machines, we provide support with our technicians and engineers. If required, we provide training sessions for the workers.

We hope this description of our activities has aroused your interest and look forward to your enquiries. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Since 1974

allcons can point to decades of experience in special machine construction


allcons machines are built in high quality. Engineered and produced in Germany

All over the world

Construction companys all over the world count on allcons technologies