Concrete-face Rock-fill Dams

  • Series_WSx-2
  • allcons Double Winch Carriage / Series WW-2 and WS-2
    special winch carriage, optimized for concrete slab finishing on
    rock-fill-dams and short canal passages, with two separately
    controllable winch drums, each with increased gear ratio.
  • allcons Concrete Slipform Paver for Slopes / Series PC1000
    simple slipform paver and working bridge combination, provided for working in slopes, roped up to a allcons Double Winch Carriage; many variants available: e.g. roller finisher option, different vibrator compaction systems.


  • allcons Gantry Winch Carriage / Series WGC
    for continuous lining of embankment dams, designed to pull and hold
    off-the-shelf concrete slipform pavers for working safely on slopes, including a high-volume feeding system and a material transfer vehicle, provided for large-scale projects and very long slopes.

The proposed feeding system depends on the use case: A simple chute for steep gradients, a feeding conveyor or a telebelt system for shorter slope lengths, a pump for high-slump concrete and an allcons Gantry Winch (Series WGC) for large-scale projects and very long slopes.

Specifications of related Machines