Series PC6000

Concrete Hinge Liner for large canals


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Concrete handling Typical 75m3/hr
Concrete Joints Hydraulically driven joint cutter
Chassis Four crawler tracks ea. provided with heavy duty jacking column with 800mm lift and swivelling by 90°
Engine Water cooled diesel engine with 300hp (224kW) continuous power rating
Generator High frequency generator with 60kVA, incl. electric vibrators
Working speed Continously adjustable: 0 – 7m/min
Transportation speed Continously adjustable: 0 – 18m/min
Machine Control Automatic steering and height adjustment with single stringline system
Accessories Night lighting system, daily maintenance tools, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Stairs and walkways for rework and hand-finishing at the rear end of the liner
  • Water reservoir approx. 1m3, with water pump, plumbing and hose with spray nozzle

Technical Description

all params can be adjusted to customers needs

Power Station

  • Water cooled diesel engine 300hp Cummins QSC8.3 C-300 (224kW) continuous power rating, six cylinder, Europe Stage IIIA / US Tier 3
  • Hydrostatic pumps, high quality type such Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth
  • Power unit enclosure is noise insulated
  • Module includes access ladder and maintenance platform with hand railing
  • Power unit designed to work in hot / tropical climates


  • Four oscillating crawler tracks (size B4), approx. 600mm wide and 1550mm long center to center with planetary gear reduction box
  • Each crawler track with heavy duty jacking column provided with 800mm lift cylinders and hydraulic steering
  • The crawlers can be swivelled by 90° for moving in lateral direction
  • Low speed continously adjustable: 0 – 7m/min (for working)
  • High speed continously adjustable: 0 – 18m/min (for traveling)
  • Two hydraulically driven pivoting hinges to kink the main frame
  • The machines are designed for working in slopes with inclination or in flat terrain. With additional parts the slope inclination can be easily adjusted.
  • Main frame of heavy duty construction with removable sections with bolted flanged connections on slope and bottom, and adjustable slipform pans to match the canal slope and bottom width.


  • Emergency stop buttons on all four corners of the machine, at operator control console and at the power station
  • DC night lighting system, 2 ea. lamps front and 2 ea. lamps rear
  • Water reservoir approx. 1m3 with support. The water system comes with water pump, plumbing and hose with spray nozzle.
  • Tool box with daily maintenance tools
  • Operation and maintenance manuals in CD ROM format

Machine Control

  • Manual steering and height adjustment, supported by status display
  • Automatic steering and height adjustment with single stringline system, cross slope via inclinometer
  • Including sensors: 3 stringline sensors, 3 inclinometers
  • Anti-torsion control system
  • Display for machine status and for fault / self-diagnostic
  • Operator control console complete with user friendly allcons software
  • Networked PLC system with fault / self-diagnostic capability
  • Single electrical lockout key for all electrical provided on power unit

Concrete Paving Equipment

  • Adjustable slipform length and inclination to modify compacting pressure
  • Concrete receiving and distribution system designed to handle concrete at a maximum rate of 75m3/hr via one distributor conveyor belts. The distribution of the concrete is done by a paddle chain system with hydraulic motor drive.
  • The compaction of the concrete is done by 26 electric vibrators
  • Dummy joints are cut in lateral direction of the canal by means of hydraulically operated joint blades, manually or automatically triggered.
  • Longitudinal joints are continuously cut by relocatable keel bars which are mounted at the bottom of the slipform.
  • Stairs and walkways mounted at the rear end of the concrete liner
  • Variable canal depth: Upper concrete curb forming headers, manually adjustable to vary canal depth.

Fields of application