High Speed Race & Test Tracks

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  • allcons Parabolic Curve Paver / Series PA7000
    for paving flat, inclined, parabolic or even varying track profiles, up to 450t/hr asphalt with standard feeding system, much higher production rates on request available.
  • allcons Winch Carriage / Series WW
    designed to pull and hold a road roller safely on slopes, for compacting the asphalt.


High speed test tracks are designed in a way that the curve shape and inclinations are exactly compensating for the centrifugal forces of the test vehicle, this is also known as “superelevation”. Accuracies of millimeters are necessary to pave the varying shape of such a track. The allcons Series PA7000 is the only machine in the world that meets these requirements.

PA7000 in flat configuration

PA7000 in parabolic configuration

Features and Operation Description
  • Hydraulic cylinders are individually controlled to bend the paving screed into the desired parabolic curve
  • A powerful PLC controls the cylinder strokes continuously depending on the machine position, so it is possible to shape transition curves
  • Up to 30m wide tracks with lateral inclinations of up to 49° are possible
  • Several control systems are available, depending on desired accuracy: e.g. string line, steel rail sensing system or 3d total stations
  • The machine frame is divided into sections and can be adapted to different track widths
  • A high-volume feeding system is provided, which can be loaded by excavator or material transfer vehicle
  • Cross distribution of the asphalt is done by auger conveyors and a paddle chain
  • An electric heating system or gas burners keep the asphalt on temperature
  • Screed plates and a tamper bar ensure the pre-compaction
  • A driver’s cabin with heating and/or air conditioning system is available on request


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