Asphalt Concrete Core Sealings

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  • allcons Core Wall Builder / Series SA
    for building up dikes or embankment dams with an asphaltic diaphragm wall as water-blocking core and flanking transition zones.



  • Application of the bituminous core and the transition material
    (e.g. gravel) in one pass.
  • The width of the bituminous core is variable and can be adjusted to the customer.
  • The width of the transition zones can be specified by the customer.
  • Due to the layer by layer technique the height is unlimited.


Operation description

  • The bituminous mixture is compacted and placed in the center of the machine while the previous layer is reheated
  • The transition zone material (e.g. gravel) is placed around the bituminous core and compacted by means of a vibration plate
  • Multiple bituminous layers melt to a dense and homogenous water-blocking core wall

Specifications of related Machines