Electrical & Software Engineering

Maintenance, repair and overhauling of electrics,
hydraulics and PLC controllers

  • Periodic maintenance of your machinery can be executed by experienced staff of allcons
  • Repairs and general overhauls will be carried out fast and qualified, even on machines of other manufacturers
  • Project planning, requirement engineering and functional specification happen in close consultation with the customer
  • We are familiar with a wide range of sensor types and technologies, from simple string-line sensors up to 3D systems based on tachymeters, D-GPS, mmGPS, etc.
  • Furthermore we provide some in-house developed sensor technologies, based on different types of laser scanners
  • To support our customers quickly, economically and worldwide, we use remote administration tools
  • Our engineers are able to apply modern PLC based technologies with all their capabilities, and also old-school techniques with their advantages of simplicity and reliability.
  • We ensure to develop not only running, but also user-friendly and maintainable systems.
  • For easier fault diagnostics a self-diagnostic capability feature can be added, e.g. supported by a display or a touch screen
  • Many different remote controls can be supplied
  • For highest accuracy and smoother movements, we provide to implement Ackermann steering
  • Due to our intensive collaboration with research groups of the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and the FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik research center, combined with our in-house research, we can supply our customers with cutting-edge and future technologies.




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