Embankment Lining in longitudinal direction

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  • Series_PA6000_3
  • Series_PA6000_2
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Concrete Face:


  • allcons Hinge Concrete Liner / Series PC6000HS
    for continuous lining of canal and river beds, up to 180m3/hr concrete with standard feeding system, much higher production rates on request available.
  • allcons Hinge Working Bridge / Series BC6400HS
    mobile working platform with equipment for finishing and curing the concrete, including a diesel electric generator for decentralized power supply.

Asphalt Concrete Face:


  • allcons Hinge Asphalt Liner / Series PA6000HS
    for continuous lining of canals and river beds, up to 450t/hr asphalt with standard feeding system, much higher production rates on request available.
  • allcons Winch Carriage / Series WW
    for working safely on canal slopes and embankment dams with road rollers for compacting the asphalt, or cold milling machines for rehabilitation projects


Applications forĀ Bucket-wheel Excavators
and Telescopic Liners


Allcons Hinge Construction Machines are very versatile. The machine frames are divided into sections,
so they can be adapted to varying canal section shapes according to desire. Many configurations are possible:

Half Section
Larger canals can be built by using the half section configuration. This enables the handling of up to 30m slope length in one pass.


Extended Half Section
For longer (stepless) slopes, one of the running gear can drive within the slope, so 60m can be achieved


Separated by Berms
For even larger canal slopes or embankment dams, it may be necessary to split the slope into more sections, separated by berms, so it is possible to produce slopes with any length


Flat Terrain
The Hinge Construction Machines can also be used in flat terrain, so there is no need for conventional machines for trimming and lining the canal floor


Specifications of related Machines