Mechanical Engineering Service


construction, conversion,maintenance,
overhaul and repair of machines



Periodic maintenance of your machinery can be executed by experienced staff of allcons

Repairs and general overhauls will be carried out fast and qualified, even on machines of other manufacturers

Special Machine Construction

Founded in 1974, allcons has decades of experience in special machine construction

  • We are able to develop, construct and produce machines of every size for:
    • Digging, trenching, trimming, excavating soils
    • Applying concrete and asphalt to different shaped surfaces
    • Injecting building materials into soil
    • Laying cable, drainage, pipes or pipelines
    • Preparing agricultural and forestry areas
    • realizing ideas of customers
  • We have no serial production, that’s why we are very flexible and each machine can be individually customized according to the customer’s needs without extra charge
  • Short manufacturing time due to our huge network of partner companies
  • Engineered and produced in Germany


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  • minipost_special_1
  • minipost_special_2
  • minipost_special_3
  • minipost_special_4
Mechanical Engineering Service
  • We support and provide advice in converting and extending existing machines for new purposes



conventional road paver



Hinge concrete paver in full section configuration

Machine accessories and paving equipment

We construct and produce

  • Construction machine parts of every kind
  • kits and paving tools for allcons machines and other brands

Customized paving slipform

Specifications of some machines based on special customer needs