Small Canals

Small Canals, built by allcons Bucket-wheel Excavators
and Towed Boat Liners

  • Series_EW200_2
  • Products_PC2000_Canal
  • Series_PC2000_3
  • Series_PC2000_2
  • allcons Bucket-wheel Excavator / Series EW
    for continuous excavation of canal and river beds, up to 320m3/hr excavation, also available as tractor attachment
  • allcons Towed Boat Liner / Series PC2200
    for continuous lining of the canal and river beds, up to 60m3/hr concrete
  • allcons Basic Working Bridge / Series BC4400
    simple mobile working platform with diesel-electric-hydraulic drive concept for decentralized power supply for required equipment, such as cure pumps with hand-held spray wands

All machines can be used independently of each other. The best results, with a minimum of concrete, can be achieved by using the set of all three machines.



  • allcons Combination Machine Series EC2200
    A bucket-wheel excavator and a towed boat liner combined to just one machine, with the ability to excavate and to pave simultaneously


Application for Bucket-wheel Excavator

Bucket-wheel excavators can handle canals with up to 9m top width

Application for Towed Boat Liner

Towed boat liners can handle canals with up to 6m top width


Specifications of related Machines