Deep Soil Mixing Trenching (DSM / FMI)

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  • allcons DSM Trencher (deep soil mixing) / Series TC
    for building solid and water-blocking soil-cement walls in one pass by mixing the native soil with an injected cement suspension


  • Efficient alternative to conventional techniques for building cut-off walls, slurry walls or diaphragm walls
  • Continuous applying of solid and dense soil-cement walls up to 25m deep and 1.25m wide without any soil movements
  • Various performance classes available, from 300 up to 800m3/hr continuous rate
  • Steel reinforcements can be used
  • No sheet piling necessary
  • According to European Standard EN 14679
  • Deployed by the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG
  • The width of the soil-cement wall is unlimited by building several stripes next to each other
  • The laterally shiftable boom allows the application three closely spaced walls without moving the guidance string line

Operation description


Typical applications for increasing load-bearing capacity:

  • Subgrade rehabilitation of railway embankments
  • Securing of road shoulders
  • Soil stabilizing for road construction

 Typical applications for water-blocking walls:

  • Flood protection by stabilizing existing dams and dikes
  • Seal off landfills and contaminated sites for in-situ immobilization

Specifications of related Machines

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    Trencher for soil stabilisation by concrete injection